Kit NameWW2 U.S. Jerrycan Set
MediaInjection moulded olive styrene. 16 cans.
Review TypeConstruction
ReviewerPaul Owen
DateJun 6, 2007

Tasca recently released a set of US WW2 "Jerrycans" in 1/35th scale. There have been many, many other sets from other firms released over the years, to varying levels of accuracy, these however, have to be the best thus far. Moulded in olive styrene there are enough parts to produce eight fuel and eight water cans. The differences between the two is apparent in the markings and the caps.


  1. The box.
  2. Sprue containing: can tops, handles and caps, (×4).
  3. Sprue containing: can bottoms, (×4).
  4. Close up of the gas can cap (left) and water can cap (right).
  5. Close up of the water can top.
  6. Finished gas can.

The water can cap is similar to the German Jerrycan cap, with the lid retainer. There are markings on the top of the can, under the handles, in this case "U.S. W CAVALIER 42". What that refers to... I have no idea, does anyone know? There are no markings on the sides of the water can. The fuel can has the screw on/off cap that is more typical in photographs. There are stamped markings on one side "G O.M.C." and "G U.S.A." on the other. There should be a tiny retaining chain that attaches to one of the handles. This will be difficult to simulate in this scale however.

Each type of can consists of a top and bottom that is split around the can's join-line, where it was welded together. These are attached to the sprue at the bottom of each part and it is tricky to remove from the sprue without damaging the lip around the bottom of each part. It is best to use a new X-Acto blade and carefully trim the sprue stub off. When assembled, I used Tenax-7R, there is a nice seam left that simulates the actual seam on the real can. This seam/lip varies from can to can too so don't be too picky about the final appearance.

These cans tended to get beat up so adding a few dents will make them look more realistic. There is a little dimpling on the bottoms and tops that gives them a "dented" look too. I don't know if this was intentional or a moulding "problem"... but it does look good.

Assembly for one can took me about 15 minutes. I'm slow though. Most of this time was in cleaning up the mould lines on the handle and removing the sprue stubs.

This kit was provided by Tasca to Track-Link as a review sample.