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Updated: Apr 22

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AVGP Cougar
By Tony Higgs - Apr 22
This is the Trumpeter AVGP Cougar (Early). I added a cover for the...

Leopard 2A7+
By Kjeld Pedersen - Apr 20
This is a Leopard 2A7+ in "what=if" Danish service. I used Hobby-Boss...

Sherman I Hybrid - Sherman Rangers Yeomanry
By Dave Williams - Apr 19
This is the DML Sherman 1 Hybrid (Sherman M4 Composite Hull PTO)...

M4A3 Sherman - Germany 1945
By Gelson Emerim - Apr 19
This is an Italeri kit with some parts from the spare box. It's depicting...

D-30 122mm Howitzer
By Alexander Goncharov - Apr 18
This is Trumpeter's kit assembled out of the box. The painting was...

Seattle IPMS 2014
By Mark Ford - Apr 15
Here is a small number of the armor/dio pieces on display at the...

GAZ AAA with BZ-38/3 Fuel tank
By Marcos Serra - Apr 15
This is my model of GAZ AAA with BZ-38/3 Fuel tank,. The truck...

Centurion Mk.6
By Jean-Vincent Roy - Apr 14
Fort Garry Horse Troop Corporal's tank of 3rd Troop, C squadron from...

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Review - Reference Book - Apr 12
Mark Ford reviews the Marder II Panzerjager II fur 7,5 cm Pak 40/2 from Nuts and Bolts

Review - Reference Book - Apr 7
Jean-Vincent Roy reviews the Dutch Leopard from Trackpad Publishing

Review - Accessory - Feb 11
Martyn Smith reviews the WW2 British Field Accessories Set from Bronco Models

Review - Tracks - Feb 3
Scott Dimmick reviews the Soviet BT-7 Fast Tank Mod.1937 Workable Track Link Set from Bronco Models

Review - Kit - Dec 18
Bob Olech reviews the 25Pdr Ammo Set & No. 27 Limber W/ Canvas Cover from Bronco Models

Review - Kit - Nov 16
Chuck Rothman reviews the Infantry Tank Mk. III, Valentine Mk. XI (OP) from Bronco Models

Review - Kit - Nov 13
Paul Owen reviews the Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf.F (VK18.01) from Bronco Models

Review - Upgrade - Nov 4
Jean-Vincent Roy reviews the Centurion Replacement Turret from The New TMD

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Mercedes Benz 170 vk. Master Box Kit.: Cover and autobody complete
By Ricard Blanquer - Apr 22

Panther A Late, second time around: Rear stowage bins
By Bill Goodrich - Apr 22

Bronco Models U.S. M22 Locust Airborne Tank - Summer Build Blog: Step One; Interior
By Ernie Schafer - Jun 12

Italian Light Delivery Van with Civilians: by Bronco: Construction complete
By Bill Goodrich - Apr 17

Legend Productions 4 X 4 MRAP Truck (MaxxPro): The Roof
By Jim Wechsler - Apr 22

IBG Models ( 35016) - Bedford QLT : IBG Models (35016) - Bedford QLT Reference Book
By Jerry Plettenberg - Apr 21

Dragon Pz.Kpfw.IV L/70(A): Road Wheels
By Ron Dilley - Apr 20

Building Meng's AMX-30B: Tracks - Continued
By Jean-Vincent Roy - Apr 17

Building Bronco Model's M1114 Up Armoured Vehicle w/XM153 Crows II: Radio Computer and G.P.S.
By John Yarosh - Apr 13

Char FCM 2C bis - Super-heavy French tank prototype: Chapter Seven and FINAL !!
By Marcos Serra - Apr 13

T-55C training and haulage version: Chapter 1 the roadwheels and tracks
By Bill Evans - Apr 11

Second Time Round - Pz III Ausf M: 4 - Turret
By Terence Teo - Apr 11

Recent Articles - More »

German 88mm Flak 36 - Part 2
By Roderick Bell - Jul 6
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

German 88mm Flak 36 - Part 1
By Roderick Bell - Jul 5
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Dealing with Dragon Styrene Tracks
By Bill Koppos - Mar 25
Using DS's advantages

Jagdpanther (Late) of the Sdkfz Foundation - Part Three
By Martin Webster - Feb 17

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