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Updated: Sep 30

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Panzer 35(t)
By David Coyne - Oct 1
This is the Bronco Panzer 35(t). If you're a fan of early war German...

Centurion Mk.5 MBT
By Dave Winfield - Oct 1
This is a Canadian Centurion Mk.5. It is a paper model in 1/16th...

London Ontario IPMS Model Show
By Chuck Rothman - Sep 30
These pictures are most of the armour entries from the London, Ontario,...

Seg-888 Hornet Motorcycle
By Ivan Loera - Sep 30
This vignette shows a futuristic military motorcycle running at high...

A34 Comet
By David Coyne - Sep 29
This one has been kicking around since 2012. I just over looked posting...

M3A1 Anti-tank Gun
By Georgy Piskun - Sep 29
This gun came with Bronco's Willys MB kit (#CB35107). Compared to...

London Scale Model Show 2014
By Vladimir Adamec - Sep 28
For all those interested, just a few pictures from the London Scale...

No.1 Lincoln Machine (Little Willie)
By Dave Winfield - Sep 28
This was my first Tank model, scratch built for the purpose of producing...

Recent Reviews - More »

Review - Modelling Book - Oct 1
Jean-Vincent Roy reviews the Tank Art 3 from Rinaldi Studio Press

Review - Reference Book - Sep 21
Mark Ford reviews the Panzerjager I 4,7 cm Pak (t) auf Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. B ohne Turm (Sd.Kfz. 101) Ente from Nuts and Bolts

Review - Kit - Sep 21
Kyle Nelson reviews the Object 279 from Takom

Review - Reference Book - Sep 20
Jean-Vincent Roy reviews the The Big Macks from Ampersand Publishing

Review - Upgrade - Sep 11
Kyle Nelson reviews the Details Set for T-26 Mod 1937 from Mac One Models

Review - Reference Book - Sep 11
Jean-Vincent Roy reviews the Allied-Axis 30 from Ampersand Publishing

Review - Reference Book - Aug 17
Mark Ford reviews the Marder III Panzerjager 38 (T) fur 7,62 cm Pak 36 (Sd.Kfz 139) from Nuts and Bolts

Review - Reference Book - Jul 27
Jean-Vincent Roy reviews the Vlieland Leopards from Trackpad Publishing

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Tea time - Introduction: Add ons
By Andreas Wachtler - Sep 27

MiniArt Ruined Building w/Base 36049: Tank and figures - the scene
By Andrew Dyson - Oct 1

MiniArt T-70M (Late Production): Ch. 7 Running Gear and Tracks
By F. Matthews - Sep 17

Miniart Normandy Diorama: The base
By Michele Danese - Jul 16

Valentine Mk.III CS New Zealand: Chapter 2 - Valentine MKIIICS Infantry Tank - Upper Hull Sub-Assemblies
By Derek Gomez - Oct 1

Second Time Around-Panzer IIF: 5. Upper Hull
By F. Matthews - May 7

Mini Art Ardennes bulding: Chapter 5
By Chris Thurber - Sep 28

Dingo Mk.III : Introduction
By Georgy Piskun - Sep 26

Miniart - Street Section with Wall Diorama Project: 10 - Detailing the back end
By Terence Teo - Sep 25

Bronco Pz.kpfw.35t: Chapter 9 The whitewash and finish
By David Coyne - Sep 24

Hobby Boss T-26 model 1933: Chapter VI - Gun barrel
By Krzysztof Janczarek - Sep 23

Warhammer 40K World Eaters Land Raider Build: Chapter 2: Initial Build Steps
By Damon Agretto - Sep 21

Recent Articles - More »

German 88mm Flak 36 - Part 2
By Roderick Bell - Jul 6
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

German 88mm Flak 36 - Part 1
By Roderick Bell - Jul 5
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Dealing with Dragon Styrene Tracks
By Bill Koppos - Mar 25
Using DS's advantages

Jagdpanther (Late) of the Sdkfz Foundation - Part Three
By Martin Webster - Feb 17

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